Cannot find module in sdk

Hi support team

I’ve just this error days ago, I’ve tried to uninstall and re install quicknode sdk many times but error still around. Could you please advise what should I do to fix this error:
Error: Cannot find module ‘D:\Binh\quicknode\playgroundJs\node_modules@quicknode\sdk\cjs\src\api\index.js’

Thank you!
Anh Binh

Hi @anhbinh85,

I’m not as familiar with developing on windows, so it’s possible the package isn’t fully supporting windows. That being said, the package should work the same as any other JS package.

Some things to help debug:

Does D:\Binh\quicknode\playgroundJs\node_modules@quicknode\sdk\cjs\src\api\index.js exist? If not, do those folders exist?

What does your import/require statement look like? Are you using any build tools?

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