Generate the next receive address (Invoice address)

Hi, Is there a way to generate the next receive address (Invoice address) for bitcoin with quicknode API. It seems to me Blockbook RPC extenstion is not enough to achieve that.

Thank you (edited)

Just to understand if it’s even possible to achieve this with Bitcoin RPC and Blockbook RPC API.

returns all TXs that correspond to an xpub, but there’s no derivation path in the output. Without a derivation path, it’s impossible to know which indexes have been used for derivation.

returns all UTXOs. Basically, if there a way to o know the outputs that were spent for an xpub?

Thank you

Hi Alex,

We don’t manage private keys hence it’s not achievable.


Yes, but I can provide an xpub so all addresses can be derived for 44’, and 84’ paths.

You should certainly have a database with all the addresses for lookups.

@NickQuickNode Can you please add derivation path, like 84’/0’/0’/0/1 to bb_getxpub output?

Hey Alex,

Unfortunately, we cannot add this custom request.