How to assign "falg" parameter for "newPendingTransactions" subscription

Hello guys i’m looking at the quicknode RPC-json subscription documentation and as u can see in the screenshot there is a parameter flag i must assign to get full transaction data instead of the transaction hash when i subscribe to newPendingTransactions. I tried a lot but i can’t get how to add this flag in my subscription. Help pls?

Hi @Biruk_Damte,

You have to add true in the parameter

"params":["newPendingTransactions", true]

Hope this helps, please don’t spam other chats :pray:

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thanks it worked. and sorry for my bad behavior. I do that when i didn’t get any response from the community in the last 24+ hours. Sorry again

Hello brother me again. Does this flag work for “logs” subscription?

Hello brother … sorry for naging u …little help here please?

Hi @Biruk_Damte ,

Yes, that flag should work for logs too.

Are you subscribing to smart contract events? I ask because for that you can use QuickAlerts. Let me know if you’d like to use QuickAlerts and which events/logs you are subscribing to, happy to show you that how to do that using QuickAlerts.

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exactly that is what i want. quick alerts…

hello brother. I successfully setup my webhook notification listner but i waited long time to receive alert from quicknode but not received anything yet. I suspect my listner and tested it by sending webhook notification from my computer to my server and it is working. see the screenshot

i singed my SSL certificate by my self to use HTTPS traffic. is this creating the problem or do i miss something?

The problem is with my self signed SSL certificate. so i change my destination from https to http and it is working now. Thanks a lot brother(@ sahil) :pray: :pray:

Glad to see that you were abe to find out the solution, thanks @Biruk_Damte


To assign the “flag” parameter for the “newPendingTransactions” subscription, you can provide the desired value for the “flag” parameter when creating the subscription.