Is there a more efficient method for monitoring incoming transactions to multiple Ethereum wallets in my system, aside from continually inspecting all transactions within the mempool?

I know this question must have been asked many times, but I need to know if there’s a better way to monitor incoming transactions to a number of Ethereum wallets in my system, other than constantly checking all transactions in the mempool. Doing this for a few hours uses all credits on my QuickNode account. Is there a better way?

Hi there,

You can use QuickAlerts to track transactions to and from wallets addresses, example:

(tx_to == ('0x8D97689C9818892B700e27F316cc3E41e17fBeb9','0x16D5783a96ab20c9157d7933ac236646B29589A4')) || (tx_from == ('0x8D97689C9818892B700e27F316cc3E41e17fBeb9','0x16D5783a96ab20c9157d7933ac236646B29589A4'))

You can use the above expression in QuickAlerts and pass the wallet address in a comma-separated array. Though these will be confirmed transactions using QuickAlerts.

Another way is to add a filter for your mempool to only get transactions to and from particular wallets. But since this filter is only on the client-side you still consume the same amount of credits as there is no way for a user to place a server-side filter.

I am trying this method, thanks for the information. I will try it soon.

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