Lowest latency way to get an smart contract event alert/notification?

Hi quicknode team, I am looking for the lowest latency way to get an smart contract event alert/notification. I am looking between the two quicknode options:

  1. Simple websocket with an endpoint
  2. QuickAlerts

I have a few questions on this (I have read this docs but still have doubts):

  1. Are there any difference between using simple websocket endpoint vs quickalerts when listening for events? Are quickalerts overkill just to listen to simple events? (I am listening on NodeJS)
  2. Which option provides the lowest latency?
  3. QuickAlerts works with JS? (I haven’t tried quickalerts yet, having trouble with setting up the expressions)

Hey mbgm,

  1. QuickAlerts doesn’t require you to keep an open WebSocket connection and can also target more specific events than possible via Websockets.

  2. Both options should have very low latency.

  3. We would need more context to be able to answer this question, and we can assist if you need some help with expressions.