Polygon chain listens to pending transactions

Hello, I use the provider of QuickNode to listen for pending transactions on the Polygon chain when my gas rate is relatively low. Can I listen normally, but when the gas exceeds the average value, such as 100gwei, I cannot listen to transactions. Is it because I did not upgrade the API?

I think it was because my interface request rate was restricted, which resulted in not listening to the corresponding transaction. Is there a product that can monitor pending transactions? I need to monitor pending transactions and make changes to my own transactions. My purchase of NFT has been tracked by others, resulting in transaction failure. Polygon chain

There is another situation where I initiate a transaction with someone else at the same time, but I will lag behind them in the block. Is there a product with priority trading? I feel that after sendTransportation, it was not reported to the node in a timely manner

Hi @user7, the Core API (RPC) is the best and only way to get pending transactions right now.

You can use some solutions to make sure your transactions are broadcasted widely and not front-runned:

  1. You can use the Multi-region Transaction Broadcast Marketplace add-on to broadcast your transaction to a broader network.
  2. You can also use MEV protection & private reinforced transactions Marketplace addon by Merkle to prevent front-running.

Let me know if this helps or if you need help with anything else,