Quick Alerts tx_to with topic_log2

Hi how can I create an expression to identify bnb and bep20

for example I need to track when sending bnb and when sending bep20(tx_logs_topic2)

here is an example of what I was trying to create

  1. (tx_to == ‘0x9141208caaa82dc23f313d86b67ac43bdb443ee5’) || (tx_logs_topic2 == ‘0x0000000000000000000000009141208caaa82dc23f313d86b67ac43bdb443ee5’)

  2. tx_to == ‘0x9141208caaa82dc23f313d86b67ac43bdb443ee5’ || tx_logs_topic2 == ‘0x0000000000000000000000009141208caaa82dc23f313d86b67ac43bdb443ee5’

but only the event for tx_logs_topic2 comes

P.S. in different alerts events occur for both

I may be missing something here but you only ever look for tx_logs_topic2. there’s no other logs that I’m seeing that you’re looking for? or you’re saying that the tx_to never triggers?

I’d need you to give a bit more context on what problem you’re facing specifically.

We do have this guide which tracks 721 transfers, which you should be able to map pretty cleanly to what you’re trying to do here.

I need to search for both bnb transactions and bep20 transactions, that is, both native transactions and smart contract transactions

  1. if I create such an alert tx_to == ‘0x9141208caaa82dc23f313d86b67ac43bdb443ee5’ I get a webhook
  2. if I create such an alert tx_logs_topic2 == ‘0x0000000000000000000000009141208caaa82dc23f313d86b67ac43bdb443ee5’ I also receive a webhook

everything is fine here

but if I create an alert like this (tx_to == ‘0x9141208caaa82dc23f313d86b67ac43bdb443ee5’) || (tx_logs_topic2 == ‘0x0000000000000000000000009141208caaa82dc23f313d86b67ac43bdb443ee5’) that is, I try to put them together, only 1 webhook comes, although I send both bnb and bep20 in turn