Wallet ERC-20 Balance

Hey guys,

Me and my team are building crypto algorithms and we would love to rely on QuickNode to get some data we need.

Here is our challenge: We need to verify the balance of a specific token (WETH, USDC, USDT, ETH) of a specific address at a specific timeframe.

I took a look in the docs, but I found these:

Although it’s good, it brings all the erc-20. I would like to check just those 3 specific tokens in a specific timeframe.

Is that possible?


Hi Tiago,

Do you mean you want to only get current balances from those specific tokens within a wallet when you query, or that you want to query the balance of those specific tokens in a wallet at a certain block height?


Hi you,
if i need create a new wallet, can you give for me the name of api can do that?