Block limits for RPC requests

Hi, was having a look at the Core API. What I’m building is an API that pulls some event data specifically from my contracts, aggregates the data and sends back to client.

I don’t have many events and will be quite a while until I have, say, 10k events or more. However, they can span weeks at a time for a user. Opened a hobby account to see how it works, but there seems to be a 20k blocks limit, which is a big problem as I need to scan from contract genesys on each API call.

Do you still have these limits on paid accounts? Is there any offering you have that scales with usage and would not have these limits?

Hey Vlad,

Thank you for stopping by! Our platform has a limit of 10K on logs, such as eth_getlogs. Unfortunately, these limits are across all of our plans to protect the integrity of our platform.

I recommend you look at the Token API or GraphQL API for more fine queries.