Smart RPC Load Balancer

Hey i am using the Smart load balancer of Quick Node and i am using the Basic plan of it but i have two questions as in the basic plan it is written that

Supports of up to 500 RPC requests per second and allows for the management of up to 15 Blockchain Network Application keys, striking a balance between performance and scalability for your blockchain applications.


So the question is that this 500 RPC request per second is per endpoint or its for all the 10 endpoints creation option i have so it the sum of all those or it is per individual endpoint.


I am still getting a 429 issue so do i need to customize the listeners of RPC as even my per second call was not even like 50

Hey Abubakar,

The rate limits for the API are set per API Key and endpoint. On the basic plan, each endpoint has a rate limit of up to 500 requests per second (r/s).

If this limit is exceeded, a 429 error will be returned. This error originates from the RPC provider target when its rate limit is reached. To circumvent this issue, you can add target to handle requests once the first target’s rate limit is hit. Essentially, by integrating more RPC providers, you can increase your overall rate limits.

For instance, if you have 8 RPC endpoints, each with a rate limit of 25 r/s, you can collectively achieve a rate limit of up to 200 r/s.