How to Listen For Newly Minted Tokens on Uniswap

How to filter the newly opened token addition pool information,Print token information such as CA, market capitalization, liquidity, etc。(Monitor and print in real time)

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I am a student and I need your help, thank you very much

Hi, you can track the specific events emitted by the smart contracts using QuickAlerts. You have to track the topic0 hash of the event and the smart contract address. Let me explain how:

  • For Uniswap v2. You’d have to track Topic0 of the PairCreated event which is 0x0d3648bd0f6ba80134a33ba9275ac585d9d315f0ad8355cddefde31afa28d0e9

  • For Uniswap v3, You’d have to track Topic0 of the PoolCreated event which is 0x783cca1c0412dd0d695e784568c96da2e9c22ff989357a2e8b1d9b2b4e6b7118

Then the Factory smart contract needs to be tracked too,

  • Factory contract for Uniswap v2: 0x5C69bEe701ef814a2B6a3EDD4B1652CB9cc5aA6f
  • Factory contract for Uniswap v3: 0x1F98431c8aD98523631AE4a59f267346ea31F984

Learn how to setup QuickAlerts here:

  1. Using the GUI, Docs Guide Video
  2. Using the REST API, Docs Video

There expression to track would be,

For Uniswap v2,

(tx_logs_address == '0x5C69bEe701ef814a2B6a3EDD4B1652CB9cc5aA6f') && (tx_logs_topic0 == '0x0d3648bd0f6ba80134a33ba9275ac585d9d315f0ad8355cddefde31afa28d0e9')

For Uniswap v3,

(tx_logs_address == '0x1F98431c8aD98523631AE4a59f267346ea31F984') && (tx_logs_topic0 == '0x783cca1c0412dd0d695e784568c96da2e9c22ff989357a2e8b1d9b2b4e6b7118')

Hey Sahil,

I’m new on the platform and I don’t want to be offtopic here, but can you elaborate the solution above?

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