I am following quicknode's tutorial of gasless transfer of token using EIP-2612 and getting type error on the permit script


I am following this tutorial.


I am getting the below error when I run the permit script.

Starting tokenOwner balance: 1000000000000000000000
Starting tokenReceiver balance: 0

TypeError: tokenOwner._signTypedData is not a function

Would appreciate it if somebody helps.

Note: The tutorial used ether 5.7 version but I am using the latest version.

TIA. :slight_smile:

Hey Rabeet,

Sorry for the late response. I suspect the error is coming from the Ethers version. Have you tried using 5.7 to see if that resolves the issue?

From the looks of Ethers v6, the wallet object uses Signer.signTypedData instead of _signTypedData

Let me know if that helps!