Graph broken bug

Hello. I was using QuickNode.API with my graph APkey then calling it like:

useEffect(() => {
console.log(“address changed”);

    address: "0x2F87ceBd3BD2339c43096Eeeb9F934E0e14AcA25" || "0x",
    first: 100,
    filter: {
      contractTokens: [
        { contractAddress: "0xaa8c6b9d67149439680b67ce395c4ac2d233b6de" },
  .then((response) => {
    const uniqueArtifactsWithCount = getUniqueArtifactsWithCount(

console.log("consumed once");

}, [address]);

to get my the nft’s metadata for specific nft’s held by users in my app. I was passing in the hardcoded wallet address while I test my app, and that would then become the users log in wallet.

It was working up until Thursday.

Now my app consoles this error: Uncaught (in promise) Graphcache Error: Invalid Object type: The type WalletWalletNFTsConnection is not an object in the defined schema, but the GraphQL document is traversing it.
(Caused At: “EthMainnetWalletNFTsByAddress” query, “WalletByAddressFragment” Fragment)

@elonsdev hi, sorry for the inconvenience here, I’m pushing out a fix for this and will release as 1.1.2

The tl;dr is we had a stricter configuration set on our GraphQL client that would error out like this on a server-side schema mismatch. We made this more forgiving and are updating the schema as well.

I just pushed out a fix with 1.1.2

Just a note that you might see some warnings about Heuristic Fragment Matching in development, these are fine to ignore, we’ll work on making this less noisy.