New and Hyped! #Beginner

Hey @ all,

im really new till a month, but the hole web3, nodes, coins everything is just tantastic. The only problem is i need to read so much docs to find what i want. Its not so easy for beginners with nodes/vps and so on. I know a little bit from the past, but there is such a lot of stuff. How all of you managed it?
And i have a question if someone just can give me first steps, i have VPS and all stuff what i need but just general questions i dont find along the internet.

Thanks so much @ all!


Hey! Welcome to the journey. It never ends. Just don’t rush yourself. Take something that you are trying to accomplish, and try and break it down into smaller steps. There are going to be a LOT of things you don’t know. And that’s alright! Just keep at it, and don’t try to shortcut the learning process. This is a complicated area, and the most important thing is to continue learning, and not get discouraged