QuickAlerts regex as expression

Hi guys, I would like to ask that if it’s possible to use regex to filter transactions or not.

To be more specific, I would want to get an alert when a certain wallet address (tx_from ) calls a function (tx_input== '0x095ea7b3...' ) of a certain contract (tx_to ). But since the parameters of the function call aren’t fixed, only the function selector is, so I would need to use regex to know that as long as a specific function is called by tx_from to tx_to , regardless of the parameters, I would get an alert.

Thanks in advance.

Hey DappDev :wave:,

(tx_input =~ '0x095ea7b3') should do the trick

Using the regex comparator will make sure that string is contained in the tx_input field.


Hi NickQuickNode,

Thank you for answering, I’ve got it sorted out.

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