Solana - What documentation should I read to make an ICO widget?

I’ve seen a lot of Solana token projects recently, I’m learning Rust, and spent a month learning react.js/ts.
I’m trying to make a widget that has a countdown timer, accepts FIAT, as well as the “main” currencies like most of these widgets do, I already have my token and I was trying to use youtube to see specific topics for solana development, like from the Content Creator solandy but, he rambles a lot and I find it hard to sit through 1 hour videos that seem to be too chaotic for me since I got a case of the ADHD like solandy seems to have… lol

I was reading the following documentation:

the issue is, all of these seem to use wildly different libs and are in totally different languages and I still am not sure “exactly” what I need to learn specifically for making something like a ICO launchpad widget. I don’t want to spend months sifting through documentation and slowly figure it out myself, my token idea is fairly unique and I want to be able to launch something before another person comes up with a similar idea.

Most of the start to finish tutorials are exclusively on ETH like, on dapp university

the images are examples of what I’m talking about…

I have an idea on the methodology but no idea how to actually implement it cause I’m still newish to a lot of the language used that’s web3 specific, frontend(react?) → connects to wallet, wallet connected → fills in client side pubkey uses match pairs, → calls a module.ts that create a json entry that gives ledger values for wallet, chain type, currency, exchange rate, → uses rust to back end calculate and spit out values for a transfer/authenticator → [end after validated] then after prelaunch → react querys .ts, ts sends values to a rust validator that gets correct exchange rate and queues the chain → sends token to the wallet on the json record, → .ts writes the validation to a “receipt ledger .json” —> [end]

obviously I’m taking liberties and assumptions but, each chain uses diff validators if I’m not mistaken,. accepting FIAT requires stripe API etc. So, I want to know EXACLTY the guides/tutorials that can fulfill these steps and are compatible with each other. If I can get pointed in the right direction, I could make this ICO widget in a few DAYS rom now, since the token is already made and I already have the quick node project ID/wallet connect ID, I could literally just fill in some keys, and use a react widget scaffold and have this ready lickity split. so, I’d REALLY appreciate it guys. More than I can express. lol