How to Track New Pairs on Solana DEX like Raydium?

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for advice on the best way to keep tabs on new pairs created on the Solana decentralized exchange. Should I use WebSockets for this task? If so, which WebSocket method is recommended?

Thanks for any tips or pointers you can provide!

Depending what you are trying to do, I think Jupiter’s API might be the most comprehensive resource for you since they aggregate pairs across multiple LPs/DEXs. I think you want their indexed-route-map.

But it gives all the possible pairs without providing the info when that pair was created. Any tips on how to filter them?

Mainly, I am looking for a way to get a notification that would come up the second a new pair comes in.

Hi @rizkypsr @justaskingquestions

We just created a video to show how you can track any new pair created on Raydium:

We show how to place a filter on the Solana Blockchain and obtain an output whenever a new pair is created.

Which endpoint should I use for this tutorial? My endpoint list is empty and I don’t see any similar one in the list. Any help would be appreciated!