Where are your nodes located?

I’m looking to minimize latency, so maybe I’ll create a vps in the same region and test it out. I’ve used the QuickNode compare tool and it shows that the ms is 200+ on the free tier, is that normal?

QuickNode runs a global network of servers, services, and blockchain nodes. We do not run on any single provider and we do not run in any specific region, datacenter, or location.

QuickNode uses your source IP address Geolocation data to automatically route your connection to the nearest edge server using DNS. These edge servers are dynamic and we scale them as necessary.

Generally speaking, we try to run edge servers in the most active geographic regions for any given network. This usually includes, depending on network, and in no particular order:

  • US West
  • US Central
  • US East
  • Europe (various)
  • Asia (Various)

Because QuickNode does not rely on a single provider, the exact locations and hardware specifications of our edges and our nodes can change over time. For these reasons, we do not provide exact node locations, and we do not suggest that customers try to “co-locate” but instead rely on the fact that we already provide some of the lowest latencies in the industry for ACTUAL blockchain data.

In other words, we strive to provide the lowest latency possible from the request to the actual response body. We do not optimize for “ping” latency.

It could be your location where you are calling from - often said but may not be recommended is using a VPS.