Node customizations to increase rpc response time

hello. i have a bot that seeks to make transactions when requests hit a specific contract. i’d like to increase the response time of my rpc endpoint to trigger the bot as quickly as possible. what customizations or modifications can i make to help with this?

Hi Cliff,

Are you looking to decrease the response time of your endpoint?


hi nick, yes that was poorly worded. decrease response time of endpoint.
should i put my bot and wallet on the same rpc (i.e., add my wallet and use my QuickNode as my wallet provider)?

Hey Cliff,

QuickNode uses your source IP address Geolocation data to automatically route your connection to the nearest edge server using DNS. These edge servers are dynamic and we scale them as necessary.

Generally speaking we try to run edge servers in the most active geographic regions for any given network. This usually includes, depending on network, and in no particular order:

  • US West
  • US Central
  • US East
  • Europe (various)
  • Asia (Various)

Some things I can recommend is upgrading your plan for more regional accessibility, and I also often recommend picking up a VPS to route your calls to a closer node.


Thanks, Nick.

Any resources on plan upgrades and modifying regions?

Also any information on how to pick up a VPS to route my calls to a closer node?

I’m not seeing anything in the settings to adjust or upgrade for those.

Does setting my quicknode as my wallet provider help?

Hey Cliff,

You can look at our different plans here. We do not have preferences regarding which VPS provider you may use because it may or may not help with speeds. If you’re using a wallet that allows you to input a custom RPC, that’s where we come in :slight_smile:


I’m using metamask and set it up as customer RPC… not a big difference though. What do you mean about 'that’s where we come in?"

Hey Cliff,

Setting us as a custom RPC over the public RPC that is automatically given to you should help your transactions go through more smoothly and quickly.