Get block timestamp in QuickAlerts

Hi, I’m using QuickAlerts with the EVM Payload Type 5: “Matched Receipts”, to get all the transactions that qualify for my expression, and their logs.

I was wondering if it is possible to return the block timestamp inside the receipts ?

As of now, I am obliged to call eth_getBlockByNumber to get the block timestamp of the receipts and it costs an additional call & additional request time.

It would be much more suitable to have a “blockTimestamp” field inside each transaction receipt kinda like Alchemy do.

The other option is to get current time after each quick alert but sometimes quick alerts are delayed (tested on sepolia) so I can not relate on this.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Alex :wave:,

On this, payload type 1 does contain the timestamp field as it contains the block data. We are also currently investigating some potential enhancements to the alert payloads.


Right, but it does not contain logs, so if I need the timestamp AND logs of a specific transaction, do I have to call eth_getBlockByNumber ?

Yes, or elect to receive a second alert payload of type 1, which will contain the data now.