Get transactions from address

I was reading through the documentation and i could not for my life find the method to call for the history of transactions for addresses, I see that we have count but we do not have the history

I would like to find transactions for arbitrum, i couldn’t find the method to call for transactions for specific addresses

Hey kah_shun_loh,

To fetch the history of transactions, you can use the following approach:

  1. Fetching the Latest Block Number: Use the eth_getBlockNumber method. This gives you the most recent block number, and from there, you can backtrack to scan previous blocks for transactions.
  2. Iterating Over Blocks for Transactions: For each block, utilize the eth_getBlockByNumber method. This provides the details of a block. If your focus is on transactions involving a specific address, sift through the transactions in that block and look for the from and to fields. By matching these to the desired address, you can filter out the relevant transactions.