Quicknode returning old NFT data?

Hey there, I’m using the quicknode javascript sdk (latest version 2.1.3) to get NFT’s for an account. It seems like it’s returning old data, for example:

Through quicknode this does not have a description or image, it returns the following:

  chain: "ETH"
  collectionAddress: "0xcc2fc10c8212ea88b92177766942ed79ca204625"
  collectionName: "The CryptoPablos"
  collectionTokenId: "1633"
  description: ""
  imageUrl: ""
  name: "CryptoPablo #1633"
  network: "MAINNET"

Any ideas?

two questions here so I can better help you here @roberto123

  1. Could you share a minimal code-snippet of what you’re running to get this response?

  2. In this case, it doesn’t look exactly “old” to me, but perhaps incomplete? You’d want the description and image url to be available in the json instead of the empty strings you get back currently? Is that an accurate description?

Hey there!

  1. const res = await core.client.qn_fetchNFTs({ wallet: ‘0x1dCD8763c01961C2BbB5ed58C6E51F55b1378589’, perPage: 24 })

  2. Yes

Awesome thank you for the snippet, I was able to reproduce.

seems like the collection does not have contractURI method, without that, our indexer is unable to get information like description and image_url at the current time unfortunately.