Solana NFT API Issue with Trait Information

Hey guys - using Solana (mainnet) NFT API from QuickNode for pulling of information about NFTs in users’ wallets

Running into the issue of QuickNode’s API saying that a NFT has no name or traits - even though it definitely has and everything looks good

Example of token: 6HyiebpeayFQgdYzVQm89Ay27GPCgrkqgWCxKZembrSQ

Screenshot is what we are getting from the API (whereas on Solana’s blockchain there is trait info and all)

Hey CryptoCatsville :wave:,

There may be a discrepancy with our NFT API so I suggest you open a ticket with our internal team so we can better investigate.

You can do so here.


Already did - Bill got back to me with another question - waiting now :slight_smile:

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