QuickAlerts expression max length

Hi, I’m using QuickAlerts webhooks to monitor contract events with specific topics on a list of specific contract addresses. I’m using PATCH https://api.quicknode.com/quickalerts/rest/v1/notifications/{id} to update the expression with new addresses. I would like to know if there is a limit of characters I can send in “expression” field to this endpoint ?

I send patch request with postman… i think there is NOT any limit in characters…

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Hey Alex :wave: ,

At this time there is no character limit in the expression field.


i hope it will not be limit forever…

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Hello, we just got limited here, we sent about 1100 addresses in the query and are getting 413 error, we need to track events of more than 1k contracts, how are we supposed to update the list of contracts to track in the quick alert?

  • /quickalerts/rest/v1/notifications/{id} apparently has a limit
  • there’s no "ADD’ route so we can add addresses progressively

Please, send help