How to protect my rpc key from being abused by hackers

Hey everyone, I am an android developer, and I have created an wallet app, using quicknode rpc. but I found that my rpc is hacked and abused by some hackers. because I found there are too many rpc request.

I added jwt to the rpc key. but it still be abused.

I wonder are there any way to protect my rpc, like adding request limit to every ip address per second or per minute, or forbid the ip addresses sending too many requests?

please help me. thanks a lot.


Please see our guide here on a few different ways you can protect your endpoint.


Yes, I have seen this page, and I have added jwt when requesting, but hackers can still use my rpc.


We can look into your security settings and provide some more info if you open a support ticket with our internal team here.


Thanks a lot. I have opened a technical support.

Helpful guide, thanks!

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