Token balances on Sepolia

Hello! We’re using qn_getWalletTokenBalance which works well on Ethereum mainnet, however, we aren’t seeing anything other than the Ethereum balance on the Sepolia testnet. Is this expected behavior? Is there a testnet token that will show up if we have some balance of it for a given wallet?

It should show as well if you have other testnet tokens. Do you have other testnet tokens on the current wallet that aren’t being shown to you?

@nhein hmm, not seeing it. The account is 0x89F843b727329Ea9bF941c798129Cc2d428E3dbb on Sepolia; there are a few other balances including USDC from Aave.

Here is the query:

    // Get their wallet balances from quicknode
    const balancesRes = await quicknodeCore.client.qn_getWalletTokenBalance({
      wallet: pk,
      perPage: 100,

    console.log('balancesRes', balancesRes)

Here is the logged response:

[Log] balancesRes
address: "0x89f843b727329ea9bf941c798129cc2d428e3dbb"
ensName: null
nativeTokenBalance: "0.11"
pageNumber: 1
result: [] (0)
totalItems: 0
totalPages: 0

Hey @ccamrobertson I’m looking into it right now as I’m seeing the same behavior. I’ll get back to you once I get to the bottom of things.

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Okay the issue should be resolved, there was something hanging on our end that we’ve since cleaned up. Thanks for opening the thread!

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